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A lifestyle of holistic wellness rewards you with more energy and enhanced health and fitness... but perhaps you're not sure where to start on this path? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of available health information, or a bit confused about how to separate effective, safe information from the myths, misinformation, and scams?

Welcome to the Holistic-Wellness-Basics.com website. This website is a way for me to share a lifetime of knowledge and experience with you about alternative natural health. The content will be constantly growing and evolving with useful, interesting information from various sources.

So... what is the definition of holistic wellness?
Wellness is the condition of being in optimum health. It is a holistic blend of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being--the result of consciously choosing to live a quality life. The path of natural health and wellness is a life-long journey that requires personal responsibility and commitment.

What is the meaning of holistic health?
Holistic emphasizes the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. It is the recognition that what affects one part or system affects the whole body. A holistic approach to health is multi-faceted and mindful of the consequences of our habits and actions.

Are you seeking some guidance in traveling that path to optimal wellness? This information will help you plan the journey, in a natural and holistic way, by guiding you step-by-step... at your pace.

Are you here because of concerns about disease prevention or degenerative diseases such as cardio-vascular issues or arthritis or cancer or diabetes or obesity? Or maybe it's just time to take control of your not-so-perfect health? Whatever... the underlying issues are pretty much the same.

There Are No Magic Bullets...
No Quick-Cure Potions

Your health is related to your lifestyle and your environment... what you eat and drink; what you think and feel; how you exercise your body; what toxins you're exposed to...

The good news is that you have control over most of these factors and you can make choices that lead to vibrant health.

Yes, there are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutraceuticals that will control certain symptoms. But if that's all we rely on, then it's not much better than choosing the allopathic route and taking drugs to suppress symptoms. You want to eliminate the cause of your imbalance with healthy lifestyle choices.

No matter what your health issues are, whether it's some little annoyance or a life-threatening illness, there's a basic foundation of healthy lifestyle habits that should be adhered to. This foundation is 90% of what you need to maintain or regain good health...

...and that's what we're going to focus on.

Whether you're a long-time advocate of a natural-living consciousness, or just beginning to explore alternative natural health ideas, I encourage you to study and implement each of these steps towards holistic wellness.

Go at your own pace, but keep moving toward your goal. Baby steps will get you there too. It may take you a month, a year, or longer to reach your reward but...

Think about how much better you'll feel...

more vibrant ~ more energetic ~ more alive!

Your body was created with the innate intelligence and ability to serve you well while maintaining optimum health.

However... to maintain a condition of holistic wellness, your fabulous body needs to be treated with care and respect.

Maintain a Healthy Colon ~ Remove Parasites, Old Poop, and Toxins
A healthy colon cleanse-detoxification program will alleviate a wide variety of health issues caused by parasites, autointoxication, and poor digestion.
Benefits of Exercise: Enjoy Feeling Fit and Energized ~ Avoid Chronic Disease
The health benefits of exercise are far-reaching and improve your chances of staying healthy and living longer. You will feel fit and energized with regular physical activity.
Enzymes Are Catalysts That Start, Promote and Speed Up Biochemical Reactions
ENZYMES: Digestive ~ Metabolic ~Therapeutic - In addition to digesting the food we eat, these vital enzymes catalysts help defend against and overcome many health issues.
Green Living ~ Lessening The Impact Of Our Ecological Footprint On The Earth
Going green living means first making an assessment of what we consume or use in our lives, how we travel around, and what we can do to lessen the impact of our footprint on the earth.
Kidney Cleanse ~ Kidney Detox ~ Kidney Stones ~ Kidney Flush ~ Kidney Health
Do a kidney cleanse to flush and detoxify the kidneys using a natural herbal remedy. Dissolve deposits within the kidneys that could lead to kidney stones.
Holistic Chiropractor and Wellness Coach - Nony Morgan, RN, DC
Offering simple guidelines that empower you to maintain a state of natural health and wellness by choosing a holistic approach to living life consciously
Contact Nony At Holistic Wellness Basics
Contact Nony with your questions or comments. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
Holistic Wellness Basics Blog ~ What's New?
The Holistic Wellness Blog alerts you to the latest updates and additions that I make to the website.
Drink Pure Water In Adequate Amounts To Avoid Chronic Dehydration.
Drinking pure water from a reverse-osmosis water purifier is your best choice for protection from chemical and biological contaminants, since water filters don't remove fluoride, viruses, and many chemicals.
Holistic Nutrition ~ A Healthy Eating Plan That Supports Natural Good Health
Holistic nutrition includes consciously eating healthy food that promotes vibrant physical and mental health, while supporting a strong immune system and preventing disease.
Holistic Detoxification ~ A Natural Whole-Body Detoxification Program
A comprehensive and natural holistic detoxification program is the most effective and powerful way to achieve optimum health and reverse many chronic and degenerative health problems.

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