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Drink Pure Water In Adequate Amounts
To Avoid Chronic Dehydration

The Amount and Quality of The Water You Drink
Has a Significant Impact On Your Health and Wellness

Drinking pure water from a Reverse Osmosis water purifier is your best choice for protection from chemical and biological contaminants.

Most municipal water districts add chlorine and fluoride to the public water supply and most non-RO water filters do NOT remove fluoride, viruses, and many chemicals. Check with your local water department to inquire whether fluoride is routinely being added to your water.

Recently, citizens in many locations have been successfully petitioning their own local governments to stop adding fluoride to the public water supply.

Why should you drink 8 to 12 glasses of pure water every day? It's extremely important to avoid chronic dehydration, a condition which will contribute to degenerative disease, shorten your lifespan, and negatively affect your quality of life.

Using a shower water filter or a bath water filter to remove chlorine is also essential. Tests show that your body can absorb more chlorine as a result of a 10-minute shower than if you drank eight glasses of the same water. You'll also want to protect your infants and children from absorbing chlorine from their bath water.

Most surface-water sources and underground aquifers are now compromised by chemical and biological contaminants from industry, agriculture, and inefficient waste-water and sewage treatment.

Chlorine is carcinogenic and also contributes to cardiovascular disease. And in recent years, scientists have uncovered formerly-suppressed studies exposing the serious health problems caused by fluoride.

What about distilled water?
This has always been a controversial issue and I have never advocated using a water distiller. Even though a distiller produces pure water that is free of contaminants, distilled water is highly acidic and most of us are already far too acidic. The last thing we need is to be drinking a type of water that will make us even more acidic.

Since distilled water doesn't contain any minerals, it can actually leach beneficial minerals from your body to balance it out. This may be beneficial for a short period during a detoxification program, but it's unhealthy in the long run.

"Distilled water is dead, unstructured water so foreign to the body that one actually gets a temporary high white blood cell count in response to drinking it."

_Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Author of 'Conscious Eating'

A reverse osmosis water purifier removes the most contaminants and produces the best tasting pure water. Once you get used to drinking RO purified water, you'll notice that filtered water tastes harsher.

How do you access pure drinking water while away from home?
Do you enjoy camping or backpacking? Do you travel in an RV or travel for business or pleasure? You'll want to choose a portable water filter or water purifier that is appropriate for your needs and lifestyle.

Are you away from home much of the day... at work, the gym, shopping, or wherever? Then you'll need to choose a safe water container and figure out a way to conveniently carry it with you.

Action Steps:

  1. Drink at least 8 to 12 eight ounce glasses of purified water daily.
  2. Purchase a water purifier or a high quality filter.
  3. If unable to purchase a water purifier soon, then obtain safe storage and transport containers and buy water from a reverse osmosis vending machine. These can be found at many health food stores annd supermarkets.
  4. If your drinking water is from a well, have it tested to make sure contaminants from (nearby or faraway) industrial or agricultural sources haven't leached into the underground aquifers.

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