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Parasite Diagnosis Questionnaire

Travel and Lifestyle Habits ~ Parasite Symptoms

This parasite diagnosis questionnaire was developed by Ann Louise Gittleman, MS, CNS, author of the excellent book, Guess What Came to Dinner?: Parasites and Your Health

Diagnosing human parasites can be difficult because parasite symptoms mimic many other diseases. Most health professionals aren't familiar with parasite disease and don't ask for the complete travel and lifestyle history that could identify a possible parasite infection.

Travel - Parasite Diagnosis

  • Have you ever been in Mexico, Africa, Israel, China, Russia, Asia, Europe, or Central or South America
  • Have you traveled to Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, or other tropical islands?
  • Do you swim in freshwater lakes, streams, or ponds while abroad?
  • Did you serve overseas while in the military?
  • Were you a prisoner of war in World War II, Korea, or Vietnam?
  • Have you had intestinal problems, unexplained fever, night sweats, or an elevated white blood count during or since traveling abroad?

Water - Parasite Diagnosis

  • Is your water supply from a mountainous area?
  • Do you drink untested well-water?
  • Have you ever drunk water from lakes, streams, or rivers on hiking or camping trips without first boiling or filtering it?
  • Do you use plain tap water to clean your contact lenses?
  • Do you use regular tap water that is unfiltered for colonics or enemas?
  • Can you trace the onset of symptoms (intermittent constipation and diarrhea, night sweats, muscle aches and pains, unexplained eye ulcers) to any of the above?

Food - Parasite Diagnosis

  • Do you regularly eat unpeeled raw fruits and raw vegetables in salads?
  • Do you frequently eat in sushi bars or salad bars; in delicatessens; vegetarian, Mexican, fish, Indian, Armenian, Greek, Pakistani, Ethiopian, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or Thai restaurants; fast food restaurants; or steak houses?
  • Do you use a microwave oven for cooking (as opposed to reheating) pork, fish, or beef?
  • Do you prefer fish or meat that is undercooked, i.e., rare or medium rare?
  • Do you frequently eat hot dogs made from pork?
  • Do you eat smoked or pickled foods, e.g., sausage, lox, herring?
  • Do you enjoy raw fish dishes like sushi or sashimi, Latin American ceviche, or Dutch green herring?
  • Do you enjoy raw meat dishes like Italian carpaccio, steak tartare, or Middle Eastern kibbe?
  • At home do you use the same cutting board for chicken, fish, and meat as you do for vegetables?
  • Do you prepare sushi or sashimi dishes at home?
  • Do you prepare gefilte fish at home?
  • Can you trace the onset of symptoms (weight loss, anemia, bloating, distended belly) to any of the above?

Pets - Parasite Diagnosis

  • Have you gotten a puppy recently?
  • Have you lived with, do you currently live with, or do you frequently handle pets?
  • Do you forget to wash your hands after petting or cleaning up after your animals, and before eating?
  • Does your pet sleep with you in your bed?
  • Do your pets eat from your plates?
  • Do you clean your cat's litter box?
  • Do you keep your pets in your yard where children play?
  • Can you trace the onset of your symptoms (abdominal pain, high white blood cell count, distended belly in children, unexplained fever) to any of the above?

Workplace - Parasite Diagnosis

  • Do you work in a hospital?
  • Do you work in a pet shop, zoo, experimental laboratory, or veterinary clinic?
  • Do you work with or around animals?
  • Do you work in a day-care center?
  • Do you garden or work in a yard to which cats and dogs have access?
  • Do you work in sanitation?
  • Can you trace the onset of symptoms (gastrointestinal disorders) to any of the above?

Sexual Practices - Parasite Diagnosis

  • Do you engage in oral sex?
  • Do you practice anal intercourse without the use of a condom?
  • Have you had sexual relations with a foreign-born individual?
  • Can you trace the onset of symptoms (persistent reproductive-organ problems) to any of the above?

Major Symptoms - Parasite Diagnosis

Although the following symptoms can be related to parasite-based diseases, they could also be occurring as a result of other illnesses.


  • Do you have a bluish caste around your lips?
  • Is your abdomen distended no matter what you eat?
  • Are there dark circles around or under your eyes?
  • Do you have a history of allergies?
  • Do you suffer from intermittent diarrhea and constipation, intermittent loose and hard stools, or chronic constipation?
  • Do you have persistent acne, anorexia, anemia, open ileocecal valve, skin eruptions, PMS, bad breath, itching, pale skin, chronic fatigue, food intolerances, sinus congestion, difficulty in breathing, edema, bloody stools, ringing of the ears, anal itching, puffy eyes, palpitations, vague abdominal discomfort, or vertigo?
  • Do you grind your teeth?
  • Are you experiencing weight loss or weight gain, loss of appetite, insomnia, depression, moodiness, sugar craving, lethargy, or disorientation?


  • Does your child have dark circles under his eyes?
  • Is your child hyperactive?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with 'failure to thrive'?
  • Does your child grind or clench his teeth at night?
  • Does your child constantly pick his nose or scratch his behind?
  • Does your child have a habit of eating dirt?
  • Does your child wet the bed?
  • Is your child often restless at night?
  • Does your child cry often or for no reason?
  • Does your child tear his hair out?
  • Does your child have a limp that orthopedic treatment has not helped?
  • Does your child have a brassy staccato-type cough?
  • Does your child have convulsions or an abnormal electro-encephalogram (EEG)?
  • Does your child have recurring headaches?
  • Is your child unusually sensitive to light and prone to eyelid twitching, blinking frequently, or squinting?
  • Does your child have unusual tendencies to bleed in the gums, the rectum, or nose?


  • Does your baby have severe intermittent colic?
  • Does your baby consistently bang his head against the crib?
  • Does your baby show a blotchy rash around the perianal area?

High risk for parasite infection = more than 40 'yes' answers
Moderate risk = 30 'yes' answers
Some risk = 20 'yes' answers

Keep in mind that many parasite infections can be dormant for awhile, then suddenly become active and cause symptoms. Parasites go through several phases of development and can cause symptoms in different parts of the body, depending on what part of the cycle they're in.

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