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Gallbladder Cleanse ~ Gallbladder Stones

A liver gallbladder cleanse, also called a liver gallbladder flush, has helped many people eliminate gallstones and improve digestion, particularly of fatty foods.

However, the gall bladder flush should be done at a later stage of detoxification, rather than as a first or stand-alone remedy.

Gallbladder disease or dysfunction is mostly a result of the liver being stressed and not functioning well. The gallbladder is a 'holding tank' for the bile that is produced in the liver. It also concentrates the bile that is there.

A dysfunctional liver tends to produce toxic unhealthy bile which can become sludge in the gallbladder and precipitate out, causing the formation of gallbladder stones.

picture of gallbladder and liver

Simply doing a gallbladder cleanse will perhaps get rid of a symptom of liver dysfunction - the gallstones, but it will not heal the cause of liver-gallbladder dysfunction. To improve gall bladder problems, you must improve the quality of the bile by improving liver function.

In addition to cleansing the organ systems, a holistic detoxification program will also address nutrition and other healthy lifestyle changes.

What is the gallbladder and where is the gall bladder located?
The gall bladder is a small muscular pear-shaped organ situated directly under the liver, which is located under the right rib cage.

What is the function of the gall bladder?
The main gallbladder function is to collect and concentrate the bile that has been produced in the liver. When your body senses fat in your diet, the gallbladder contracts and pushes bile through a duct into the small intestine where it breaks down fat.

Keep the bile flowing!
Once toxins are modified by the liver, they have to be eliminated from the body as soon as possible. The liver combines most of the fat-soluble toxins with bile so they can soon be eliminated via the colon. When bile flow is inhibited, toxins stay in the liver longer.

This suppression of bile flow is called cholestasis and has several causes. An obstruction of the bile ducts can be caused by gallstones or parasites. The most common reason for cholestasis within the liver is from a common condition known as 'fatty liver'. Some common causes of fatty infiltration of the liver are obesity, alcohol ingestion, and a low fiber diet.

What are gallbladder stones composed of?
About 80% of gall stones are composed mostly of cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol is not a major risk factor here. The liver produces cholesterol and when the liver is sluggish or dysfunctional, the excess cholesterol in the bile can become concentrated and form stones. Other less common types of stones are brown or black bile pigment stones.

What are symptoms of gallbladder disease or gallbladder inflammation?
Gallbladder dysfunction is often asymptomatic, but may sometimes produce these gallbladder symptoms:

  • nausea and indigestion, especially after eating a fatty meal
  • pain or dull ache in the gallbladder area below the right rib cage - gallbladder pain can radiate through to the back (gallbladder back pain) or to the right shoulder
  • gallbladder attack (biliary colic) - sharp cramping pain, sometimes with vomiting; usually after a fatty meal when the gallbladder goes into spasm trying to release bile for digestion
  • jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes when there are bile pigments in the blood caused by a backup of bile - such as from a gallstone in the common bile duct.

Can I do a gallbladder cleanse even if my gall bladder has been removed?
Absolutely yes, especially if the underlying problem of toxic bile wasn't corrected after gallbladder removal. There are bile ducts within the liver and outside of the liver leading to the intestines. If the liver is still producing toxic bile, stones & gravel may form in those bile ducts.

The Gallbladder Flush

This gallbladder cleanse will flush gallstones for many people, but I want to again remind you that it's best to do this as part of a systematic, holistic detoxification program.

Here are some things to consider...

  • If you have a gallbladder that is packed with stones, they may get jammed up at the opening or within the gallbladder duct causing biliary colic or spasm.
  • If you have a particularly large stone, it could block or tear a duct and necessitate emergency surgery.
  • If you haven't recently done the colon-parasite cleanse, you may have parasites in your liver or ducts. This could partially or completely block the passage of the gallstones.
  • The liver-gallbladder detox should be done after the colon-parasite cleanse and kidney cleanse. If you're pretty certain you have gallstones, you should adhere to the principles of the liver cleansing diet for at least a few months before doing the gall bladder flush. Read Dr. Sandra Cabot's book The Liver Cleansing Diet for details.

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