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HolisticWellnessBasics.com is my personal website. I enjoy sharing health information and offer this content free of charge for your benefit, information, and personal wellness opportunities.

To help defray the operating costs of this website, I allow certain advertisements to be displayed.

In many cases, I will receive a referral commission when you click on a link and make a purchase.

Following is an explanation of some of the types of advertising you'll find on this site:

Ads by Google are not selected by me. Google places these ads based on my page content or a visitor's perceived interests. These ads are not necessarily products I endorse, but I allow them as a way for my visitors to explore beyond my personal recommendations. I earn a tiny referral fee whenever Google ads are clicked on.

Banner Ads generally lead to a company that I favor because of their high quality products and/or business philosophy (i.e. green manufacturing). If a banner leads to a specific product, it's usually an item I endorse because of personal use or favorable reviews from people I respect and trust.

Affiliate Text Links from the page articles are often to specific items or services that I personally recommend. In fact, many times I will write a short review of a product I'm particularly impressed with. I earn a small commission when a visitor purchases an item after clicking on a banner or text link at my website.

I'm not an employee of any company, nor am I paid to write reviews. If I'm enthused about a certain product, it's because I'm really impressed with the quality or effectiveness of it. If that company has an affiliate program, I'll join it and gladly share my recommendations with my visitors.

More information about Affiliate Programs...

Many online merchants have developed an affiliate program as a way to market their products and services. Purchasing items through affiliate links can often save a customer money. This is because the merchant (advertiser) will sometimes offer certain promotions though their affiliates (me) that are not otherwise available if the customer (you) went directly to the retailer's website.

For instance, as an affiliate, there's a particular water filter that I can offer at least a 20% discount off the usual retail price. Purchasing through an affiliate link is a Win-Win-Win situation for all of us.

So... when relevant to your needs, please do your shopping at my website. ;-)

Here's the bottom line...

It takes a big chunk of my time and money to write this website and research the products that will help us all reach our wellness goals. Please do support my advertisers and recommendations. I truly appreciate your purchases and support.

I'll do my best to find superior products and services for us. My recommendations may change if I discover better or more appropriate items.

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