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Holistic Detoxification ~ A Natural Whole-Body Detoxification Program

A comprehensive and natural holistic detoxification program is the most effective and powerful way to achieve optimum health and reverse many chronic and degenerative health problems.

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Best Colon Cleanse - 4 Essential Requirements

The best natural parasite removal and colon cleansing combination should provide a holistic and multi-faceted approach that is comprehensive enough to:
If You've Got Parasites... You've Got Problems

  1. loosen and remove old impacted feces
  2. kill and flush out intestinal parasites, including Candida
  3. provide probiotics to restore normal intestinal flora - the healthy intestinal bacteria that aid in digestion and support the immune system
  4. be gentle and safe

There are many colon cleansing supplements available; however most products do not address both eliminating parasites and cleansing the colon. The best colon-parasite cleansing program that I recommend is Ultimate Digestive Health.

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Do You Use The Healthiest Pooping Posture?

Your body is designed to be in the squatting position in order to poop easily and efficiently. Our modern-day toilets are not designed for healthy elimination.

The Squatty Potty toilet stool allows you to assume the squat position in a comfortable and natural way to achieve easier and more complete elimination.

Use a Squatty Potty For The Perfect Poop!

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Improve Your Financial Health With Your Own Custom Website

Does your Financial Health need a boost? Why not leverage your knowledge into income by creating a website that shares your expertise about a hobby, talent, or particular subject? Or maybe you have an offline business but not a website to promote it?

Share this bargain with a friend or relative and you'll both benefit. For a short time (until Dec 25), SBI is offering the Holiday Buy-1 Get-1 Free Special.

Special SiteSell Promotion

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Special Holiday Deal On Vitamix Machines

Vitamix TurboBlend VS

Are you considering buying a Vitamix machine? If you're a vegetarian, vegan, or raw-foodist... be sure to get the package that includes the vegetarian Live Fresh Recipes book and DVD demo with Ani Phyo. The Holiday Special also includes a free book - 'Ani's Raw Food Essentials'.

It's kinda tricky to get to this special. Go to this link then "Special Deals (Limited-Time Offers)". Choose 'TurboBlend VS' if you are vegetarian or the '5200' if you are not... same machine, just different bonus books and DVD demo. For free shipping, use code 06-003651

If you want to add one of the smaller containers, such as the one for grinding grains, they are very deeply discounted through Cyber Monday.

The Vitamix is a fabulous machine for any style of eating, but it's an essential food-prep tool for vegetarians or raw food enthusiasts. Enjoy!

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Veterans Day Awareness for PTSD ~ Operation: Emotional Freedom

Even though many of our veterans make it home 'safe', their emotional_spiritual selves are devastated by PTSD. Operation Emotional Freedom is raising awareness about a powerful drugless therapy called EFT - or Emotional Freedom Technique.

If you know a veteran (or their family) who is suffering from the effects of PTSD, please share this information about Operation: Emotional Freedom. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of DVDs and pay-per-views will go toward making additional copies available to community groups and veterans in need.

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PAIN RELIEF World Summit ~ F.ree Online Event Starts Oct 3rd

Pain Relief World Summit

For 6 days you can have free access to the most cutting edge EFT pain relief techniques on earth.

The Pain Relief World Summit will share information that can radically change your life and provide you with dramatic and sustainable pain relief.

This information is so powerful that over 300,000 people registered to learn how to use it during the 2011 Tapping World Summit. That event focused on various applications of EFT Meridian Tapping. This event will be 100% focused on pain relief.

Folks, this is a simple technique that anyone can do... it's very powerful and effective. To get access to 12 amazing presentations during the Pain Relief event... Reserve Your Spot Now!

Please share this information with anyone you know who has pain issues.

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Deep Discounts for Water and Shower Filters ~ Last Days!

Aquasana Water and Shower Filters

The Aquasana 50 percent discount on shower and water filters ends July 31st. This is a fabulous opportunity to get high quality filters at a super deep discount.

Aquasana dual water filter system filters chlorine, lead, cysts, VOCs and much more. In addition, it filters synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents.

Do you realize that you can absorb 6 to 100 times more chlorine from shower vapors than you can from drinking the water? Protect yourself and your family. The Aquasana shower filter system removes 91% of chlorine in your shower water. You will experience softer skin, shinier hair and reduce toxic chlorine buildup.

Join the Water For Life program and enjoy the convenience of being sent discounted filter cartridges just when they need replacing.

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July 50% Discount on Aquasana Water and Shower Filters

Aquasana Home Water Filters

July 50 percent discount on Aquasana water filters and shower filters... this is a super deal! You know I always say that drinking adequate pure water is the foundation for optimal wellness.

Do you know that you can absorb 6 to 100 times more chlorine by breathing the vapors in the air around showers and bath than you would by drinking the water?

If you don't yet have a home water filter or shower filter, take advantage of this great price with the Water For Life program.

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How Is Food Genetically Modified?

Most of us have heard that GMO foods are unhealthy, but many of us don't really understand what they are. This short video tutorial explains how foods are genetically engineered.

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